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End of a transitional period – here comes 2018

What a rollercoaster it has been for me since my last blog post over 4 months ago! Therefore, I thought I would write a transitional article before blogging more regularly again in 2018. Heck, I’m quite pleased with the first 10 articles so far.

After reporting on the last race of my triathlon season I shuffled into September trying to shift my mindset. I was stuck in the negative emotion of not wanting to let go of the hard-earned physical shape I had reached – I was proud of where I had gotten in 10 months time, with all the challenges along the way. I would miss it a lot. I wanted to make room for the positive emotion of being freed from the burden of triathlon on my family, including myself. I tried to accept that triathlon and 3 little children cannot be combined. At least not with how we see raising our children.

From no man’s land to inner peace

I’m there now. Most fitness is gone. Yes, I miss my good form of the summer. I am also grateful for 2017, because it has shown me what is possible in 10 months time. Next time, I will give myself a lot more than 10 months. Now that our kids are still so little, I will try and enjoy every little moment with them. These moments are never coming back.

September was no man’s land in several ways. All of a sudden, I had no races or training perks to write about. By October, my mind was thriving with new ideas and dreams again. I got organized, began researching, started writing. The article I decided to write comprised of so much work, I didn’t get it all done before other things got in the way. I hope to publish it soon, though!

Other things… Cleaning up the garden before winter comes. Tons of things to prepare before the third baby boy is born. In short, enough to push blogging aside.

Our 3rd wonder

On 14 December 2017, beautiful Areas Devos came into our world, taking in the little space that was left. Love we still have to spare. Areas won’t come short. My top 3 of most wonderful days of my life is now complete, and likely to remain unchanged forever.

The first couple of weeks with Areas among us were not easy. Our family had to resettle; we had to rethink our entire routine so each of us would get to chance to thrive on. Just as we were finding our flow, an airway virus hit our household. The day before Christmas Eve, Areas and I were ill. Thankfully, Areas seems to handle it pretty well. But then, Aramis got it. Flashback to January last year, when he was in hospital for a week and had a fever of nearly 40°C for 10 days.

So as I am writing this, there I am, in hospital with Aramis. Thankfully, it is not as bad as a year ago. And it did allow me to pick up the thread of blogging. It was long overdue.

Coming up

This month, I will begin with a series which I will call “The Main Fat Burn Inhibitors in my opinion”. I will devote a handful of articles to some factors of the Western lifestyle that can be devastating for one’s fat burning. The first article is coming out soon, since I worked on it in October. It will tackle a major health risk in the general population: TRANS FATS. In my opinion, the number 1 inhibitor of fat burning in many people.

The link below is my favourite song of the past months. Listen to the music intently.  It will raise your alpha brain waves so high, it has to help you burn more fat. Enjoy…

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

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  1. dries reheul says:

    Ben benieuwd naar je artikel. Zal het met veel plezier lezen en meenemen.

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