My races for 2019

In 2017, I’ve decided to enter an event I raced years in a row and loved every time, namely the notorious New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon in Southern England. It was my first half irondistance, in 2007, which makes it even more special to me. The organizers aim to create a familiar atmosphere at all of their events year-round. Beside the New Forest National Park’s nature, they keep the racing athlete in mind to give him/her the best possible day out. I would recommend to any athlete looking for a fun new challenge.

On my end, since family life has become busier, I’ve made the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon my only A-race. All other races I’ve planned to do are purely preparation, with no real ambition at all. Simply, because I reckon I might only be reasonably “race-ready” by August anyway. So here goes this year’s racing plan…

Date Event Distance Time Result
March 26 Duathlon Geluwe 8.1k – 40k – 6.7k  2:26:12  59/76
April 23 Damme-Bruges-Damme 10k run  40:48 46/468
May 1 Knokke 10k 10k run  39:45  100/1900
June 4 Swike Harelbeke 2.5k swim – 80k bike  3:06:24  54/110
June 11 1/4 triathlon Beernem 0.9k – 43k – 9.5k 2:10:19  94/417
June 24 1/4 triathlon Bruges 0.9k – 45k – 9.2k  2:10:32 54/866
July 16 Powertriathlon Aarschot 2k – 60k – 15k  3:39:41  48/193
August 20 New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon  1.9k – 90k – 21k  5:40:20  38/200