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2 meals that keep my fat burning strong

Those of you who know me well will agree, I appreciate the occasional sweet treat. There is always a reason to go against my own beliefs. The Christmas holidays, Easter eggs, ice cream all summer long. Before you know it, exceptions have become the rule. Which doesn’t exactly help proper fat burning.

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you may be starting to think. In my blog, I focus on two pilars: aerobic exercise and nutrition. In this article, I talk about 2 meals/recipees that keep my fat burning strong during my quest for an optimal metabolism. 2 meals that allow for a lot of variation and are rarely two of a kind.

My usual breakfast

A good start is half the battle. I begin pretty much evey day with a bowl of fruit, to which I add full-fat yoghurt and a mix of nuts and seeds. That’s my breakie in a nutshell.

I’ll have seasonal fruit if I can. In wintertime, this is mainly apple and pear. To mix things up, I make apple sauce in advance (no added sugar!). It’s a Belgian thing, I guess; really good with nuts and coconut milk. In the summer there are more options, such as various types of berries from our garden. The other day, I quickly stewed some rhubarb in butter. Next to local produce, I add more exotic fruit, like mango, banana, pineapple, melon, peach etc.

The yoghurt can be from cow or goat milk. Sometimes, I use coconut milk instead, for its higher fat content, making it a vegan meal for a change. Less vegan are ricotta (more protein than yoghurt), and mascarpone (a lot more fat). I go by what I feel like having, or what I haven’t had in a while.

Usually, I top it all off with a mix of seeds and roughly ground-up nuts. Occasionally, I’ll add a tablespoon of oats. Lately, we have been baking granola, containing hazelnuts, some seeds, oats, and coconut oil and honey to get clusters in there. Really good!

Extras on the side
You know when it’s one of those days where breakfast can have just a little more umph. The easiest thing we do is fry a few slices of smoked bacon. Another one is a soft-boiled egg. Both contain extra natural fats and complete protein.

Needless to say that it is important to look for quality eggs and bacon. Have the animals themselves had healthy feed and sufficient movement? Just like healthy food and activity will keep our muscles and fat composition in good nick.

With this type of breakfast, I kick-start my healthy, fat-burning metabolism every day. I have the feeling I can cope with more variation for the rest of the day. I stay sharp and energized, no matter what time lunch and dinner are. This benefits both work and training hugely. If it so happens that 6 hours go by with no food, that won’t hinder performance in any area. Of course, I recommend keeping every meal balanced and healthy. During busy and stressful times, however, I recommend eating healthy snacks between meals. That way, the hard working adrenal glands don’t have to work overtime keeping blood sugar steady.

Salad deluxe

Twice a week, the days I work in Torhout, my lunch exists of a large, complete salad. No pasta or cold potatoes here. In a nutshell: leafy greens, vegetables, some source of protein, salad dressing.

During winter months, there is mainly lamb’s lettuce, which I find delicious. Towards spring and summer, there are more options, green and red leaf lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, rocket salad, baby spinach, are some of my favourites. I try to add fresh herbs from our garden. A few basil leaves, some chopped chives, or some parsley add so much more flavour. And they are extremely healthy.

As I dress my salad, I look for vegetables of different colours, anything. No 2 salads are the same. tomato (not only red ones; fresh or sun-dried), cucumber, olives (green and black), bell peppers (raw or marinated), roasted pine nuts. Leftover vetegables – cooked, steamed, baked, pan-fried – taste good every time. Avocado is a nice plus, when you’ve got a ripe one.

Fruit after training
More often than not, I now tend to add a piece of fruit to my salad. Reason is I usually train at noon before I have lunch. I noticed it aids recovery. If all I did was an easy recovery jog, the fruit isn’t a must. But after a longer run, or a proper swim session with some running before and after, the extra natural sugars are welcome.

As a matter of fact, first thing I often do after training is eat some fruit. Usually juicy fruits. I like to replenish fluids and natural, simple sugars quickly. The vitamines, minerals and phytonutrients in fruit are just as important. In a salad I prefer apple, pear, strawberries, mango, melon and peach.

An important component of this meal are the proteins. Doesn’t have to be much, just a little for the body to work with. Smoked fish (trout, salmon, …), buffalo mozzarella, feta cheese, a boiled egg (or 2), leftover steak (preferably rare to medium rare) or any kind of leftover meat or fish.

Essential for a good salad is the dressing. My standard little recipee is: 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, mustard. Sometimes, I use a tablespoon nut oil (walnut, hazelnut, …) or sesame seed oil (which soothes the pancreas). The vinegar can be any kind of vinegar or some freshly squeezed lemon juice. This dressing provides healthy fats and acids that stimulate digestion.

We regularly make such salads at home in the summer. In fact, it’s all about being creative. Only then will you eat a wide range of various vegetables, fruits and other plant-based produce.

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  1. Karolien says:

    Interessante post!
    Het eten van vet is een taboe geworden en de meeste mensen hebben er schrik van! (mij inbegrepen…)

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