What made me start blogging?

“My quest for supreme health and fitness”

Sport has been a constant throughout my life, including my earliest memories. It’s quite possibly what I love doing the most. My brother Simon once described it as ‘a tool to strengthen the mind-body connection’.

While sport has mainly triggered the body functionally, my chiropractic education in England have taught me how to approach the body scientifically. Along the way, I came to realize the importance of maintaining full health on all levels, as we try and improve ourselves in various sports. Mainwhile, a few things have become clear to me, which is why I found it fitting to share my knowledge and experience with the world.

F.ox. Endurance is an acronym of ‘fat oxidation in endurance sports’. I chose this name as a counterpart for the omnipresent opinion that sugars/carbohydrates are our main fuel for energy. I prefer to come in from the other end, by ensuring proper fat burning, first, and only then adding natural sugars at the appropriate time. Moreover, the more efficient one burns fat, the less sugar-dependent. Apart from a healthier body in general, one’s metabolism will be running at full capacity for longer during exercise. As you can imagine, this will benefit endurance as well.

Through this blog, I will try and explain my perspective on healthy lifestyle and exercise physiology. Additionally, I will tell about my own sporting adventures and competitions. Please have a look on the page categories for more details.

Enjoy the read and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

Sporty greetings,